• Diary Dates

  •  2018 – Meetings will be held every first Sunday afternoon of the month between 2pm-5pm, unless the date falls onto a public holiday. 

    7th January -- Rebekah Hirsch
    Charting the Soul Part II
     In the late twentieth century energy healer Barbara Brennan, (author of 'Hands of Light' and 'Light Emerging') developed a psycho-spiritual approach to healing. Brennan was a trained body-mind psychotherapist and the ideas of Characterology - five distinct character types emerging from five stages of child development - became a major part of her approach to healing. A trained and experienced Brennan healer, Rebekah Hirsch takes Characterology to the next level. Going beyond the psychological focus on wounding and defence, Rebekah sees the five developmental stages as five stages of the soul's journey into incarnation in the manifest world. Rebekah's focus is on the gifts of soul and essence that come with each of the character types and she has re-named them the Germination, Rooting, Budding, Flowering and Harvest types. Rebekah has linked the five types to specific planets of the horoscope and we'll be looking at each of stages and the archetypes of the planets including the gifts and challenges they bring. 


    4th Feb -- Paul Cairo
    Which house system - quadrant, equal or whole sign.
    Why can't we all agree?  An interactive discussion of the validity of the various systems in our own charts.
    4th March -- Helena Patterson cancelled
    The Beast from the East brought bad snowy and icy weather making travelling unsafe.
    8th April -- Ed Gillam
    GET OVER IT GUYS! Regulus is in Virgo for 2000 Years
    Regulus moved into Virgo in 2011. A cultural change that will shape the next 2000 years is occurring. The masculinist, heroic age of Regulus in Leo is ending and the feminine, collectivist age of Regulus in Virgo is beginning.
    6th May - Trudie Charles
    An introduction to Ayurveda and its astrological correspondences
    3rd June - Moragh Mason
    Declination the other Dimension
    This talk will include out of bounds planets, the two hemispheres and anti-scia. 
    1st July – Robert Anderson 
    Relationships – an astrological view
    Starting with some public domain charts Robert will review the effectiveness of the two most commonly used techniques for assessing relationships; Direct Comparison Synastry and Composite Midpoint charts. Please bring any charts you wish to discuss.

    NO August meeting due to summer break

    9th September - Sally Lloyd  

    Interceptions - Planets, Signs and Houses

    In this interesting and informative talk Sally illustrates the impact interceptions have on the interpretation of natal charts. 

    Please note a change of venue for this talk!

    It will take place at 23 Callington Rd Saltash PL12 6DU starting at 2pm - our usual time.