• Diary Dates

  • WELCOME TO 2019

    Our monthly meetings will be at our new AA Library venue in Saltash. Watch your Inbox for full details nearer the dates.

    January - no meeting  

    3rd February - Tony Micallef presents "An Introduction To Chinese Astrology"

    3rd March - Sally Lloyd on Children's Charts

    This all-day workshop will focus on the interpretation of children's charts - not only about helping parents to understand their children from an astrological viewpoint but also about how children experience being parented.

    More details on this workshop & others TBA. Watch this space ......

    6th April - Regional mini-conference hosted by the Exeter Astrology Group

    Speakers: Ed Gillam, Trudie Charles (on Astrology & Food), Kris Frank & Robert Anderson (On a study of team dynamics under extreme stress). See EAG website for more details …..

    5th May - Author & Publisher Sasha Fenton on the Vertex, plus combining Astrology with the Tarot

    A) The Vertex

    Sasha will talk about the Vertex, which is a sensitive point on a chart that has a bearing on love, joy, obsession, bereavement, loss and other major events along with astrological connections to other people. Bring your charts, and if you have Solar Fire or something similar, put in the Vertex and if possible also the Anti-Vertex.

    B) Astrology and the Tarot

    The main part of the talk will be on the ancient link between astrology and the Tarot, which is based the way each decan (AKA decanate) links to the Tarot. You might like to have your charts available for this as well.

    NB: We will have a few books for sale, so bring cheque books or money if you think you might want something.

    * * *


    Sasha wanted to understand what made people tick and found that astrology gave her many answers. This led to a career as a consultant astrologer and a teacher of astrology and related subjects. Sasha has broadcast on radio and television many times, and has given hundreds of lectures and demonstrations, some at prestigious mind, body and spirit festivals around the world. Sasha has written over 3,000 articles and columns, most famously for Woman’s Own and the Sunday People Newspaper, in addition to writing 135 books. She recently achieved a lifetime’s desire by writing her “Tudorland” trilogy. (Aided by transiting Neptune conjunct natal moon!)

    Past President of the British Astrological and Psychic Society

    Past Chair of the Advisory Panel on Astrological Education

    Past Member of the Executive Council of The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain.

    Sasha is married to writer, Jan Budkowski, and has two children and four grandchildren. One granddaughter has taken up the flag and is now an astrologer.

    2nd June - Louise Vergette-Lynn on Ancestry in our Charts
    Ancestry in our Charts, and the charts of our Ancestors. An interactive session -
    Louise will share some of her findings from her own family charts, and encourage you to explore your own, so bring charts! Your own, and your family ones if you have them. 
    Part of the session will look a little at the Centaurs - Chiron, Pholus, Nessus, Chariklo so if you don't know where these are in your chart, and want to find out, please feel free to send your data to Louise and she will put them in for you. astrolou67@gmail.com

    14-16th June - 3-day Astrological Association Conference at Wyboston Lakes. See AA website for more details ...


    July & August - closed for summer break


    September - Alan Clay on Sedna Consciousness, the Soul’s Path of Destiny:

    Discover the evolutionary spiritual power of Sedna, the new esoteric outer limit of our solar system and learn of the profound implications for society and for each of us individually in the coming years, as she approaches her closest point to Earth. 

    This talk will now be hosted by the Exeter Astrology Group. See the EAG website for more details. ….