• The Cornwall & Plymouth Astrology Groups

  • About the PAG

  • Originally the Plymouth Association for Astrological Studies, the group was founded in 1976 then subsequently renamed the Plymouth Astrology Group. The PAG is an unincorporated mutual trading society which welcomes astrologers at all levels of expertise and experience.

    Currently the PAG is operating mainly as a discussion group, with members taking it in turn to give short talks and to facilitate exchanges of views on various astrological and related topics. Meetings take place in Plymouth once per month on a Wednesday evening – admission £3.

    When demand is sufficient, the PAG organizes workshops and seminars featuring well-known Astrologers from outside the Plymouth area. To date these have included Bernard Eccles, Judy Hall, Sasha Fenton, Adrian Duncan, Chris Mitchell, Sue Farebrother, Sharon Knight, Frank Clifford and John Green.

    The PAG maintains links of friendship and collaboration with other local groups and with larger national bodies such as the Astrological Association of Great Britain and the Association of Professional Astrologers.