• About the CAG

  • ‘Bagas Sterdhewynieth Kernow’

    The idea of forming an astrology group in Cornwall was seeded by a discussion between astrologers from the Southwest at the AA Conference Local Groups meeting in September 2015. On the first Sunday in October there was an inaugural meeting at the Old Methodist Sunday School in Landrake situated in East Cornwall. It was then decided to continue monthly meetings at the Sunday School on the first Sunday of each month between 2-5pm, welcoming astrologers of all levels of knowledge.

  • The venue was deemed to be particularly suited for astrological meetings, as it was also the home of the AA’s astrological library, the largest such collection and archive in the country. An informal lunch prior to the meetings offered healthy food and congenial ‘astrochat’ round the table.

  • The monthly meetings were well supported and enjoyed by astrologers from both Cornwall and Devon, the latter not deterred by having to cross the Tamar bridge across the border. CAG offers a varied programme of talks, some delivered by local astrologers and some by nationally known astrologers who are keen to support local groups like Barbara Dunn, Sue Farebrother, Sasha Fenton, Ed Gillam, Robert Anderson and Sharon Knight.

  • The CAG maintains its links with larger national bodies such as The Astrological Association (CIO) and the Association of Professional Astrologers International (APAI).

  • In the summer of 2017 the venue for meetings was moved to The Ashtorre Rock Community Centre on the bank of the Tamar where we met until the end of 2018. We may still gather here occasionally for special meetings or workshops.

    From February 2019 we will normally meet on the first Sunday of each month between 2pm – 5pm at the new AA Library venue in Callington Rd Saltash. Please phone 01752 518792 for further details.

  • There are 2 routes get to Ashtorre Centre :

    For those coming from Cornwall follow the A38 straight over the Carkeel roundabout down the long hill towards the tunnel. Just before the tunnel swing left into a slip road. At the traffic lights turn half-left into Old Ferry Road (NOT the road towards the China Fleet Club). Continue along Old Ferry Road with the river on your left and the Tamar bridges in the distance. Just before you go under the bridges there is a free car park on your left. Just past the bridges also on your left you will see the Ashtorre Centre. There are sometimes parking spaces just beyond – facing the river across a strip of green.

    For those coming from Plymouth/Devon use the left hand lane on the Tamar Bridge then take the slip road to Town Centre/Shops (DON’T enter the tunnel). Immediately as you enter Fore Street take the first left - Lower Fore Street - which will take you down a steep hill to Waterside which has a sharp bend to the left at the bottom. Emerging from here, turn right under the bridges. The Ashtorre Centre is immediately on your left. If you cannot park safely nearby, go back under the bridges for a short distance along Old Ferry Road where you will find a free car park on your right.